Full Body Workout – No Weights Required!

You don’t always need weights for a good workout; trust me! Never under estimate the ability of body weight exercises to provide you with a killer workout. Body weight exercises are perfect for the outdoors or when you’re holidaying and don’t have access to a gym. Give this one a go, I promise you that you will work up an awesome sweat!

20 reps per exercise, complete 5 rounds with a 60 – 90 second rest between each round:

  1. Squat with Pulse
  • Add a pulse mid squat on the up phase of each rep
  • Drive up through the heels & be sure to squeeze your butt at the end of each rep
  • Ensure good knee alignment; knee caps should track with first two toes & knees should stay behind your toes
  1. Push Up
  • Ensure your spine is neutral during each rep by tucking your chin in slightly & avoid poking your neck forward during the down phase
  • Imagine that you are pushing the floor away from you; rather than pushing yourself up from the ground
  • Perform the exercise from your knees for an easier alternative if you are unable to get through the reps from your toes
  1. Ab Pulse
  • Knees are to remain off the ground at a 90-degree angle throughout the exercise
  • Keep shoulder blades off of the ground & each pulse should be a small, concise movement
  • Lift from your abdominals during the pulse; avoid rounding your shoulders
  1. Mountain Climbers
  • Ensure shoulders are kept over the top of wrists throughout the exercise
  • Knees should move across the body to the opposite elbow
  • Core should be braced during each rep
  1. Split Squat Jump
  • To maintain balance; keep your hips square. Do this by imagining that you’re standing on a set of train tracks. Left leg stays on the left track & right leg stays on the right track
  • Ensure that your knee cap doesn’t touch the ground on the down phase; it should hover just above
  • Place your hands on your hips for additional assistance with balance if required
  1. Plank with Shoulder Touches
  • Ensure shoulders are kept over the top of wrists throughout the exercise
  • Ground your toes into the floor & squeeze your butt to stabilse your body
  • Hips should not sag towards the ground or peak towards the sky

Casey xx – @caseyfenton

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